Poolside Essentials You Need


Now that we’re in the heart of summer , you’re probably enjoying your days by the pool. Heres’ some of my essentials that will be sure to keep you protected, fueled, and in style from head to toe 😉

Poolside Essentials Check List:

Corkcicle Water Bottle – keep your drink cold for up to 24 hours!

Reserve Antioxidant Gel Pack – a refreshing snack and boost of antioxidants!

Sunscreen For Your Face: Supergoop City Sunscreen Serum– perfect for everyday wear, this ultra lightweight SPF is great for pre/during/after the pool. The serum helps prevent aging while the SPF keeps you protected!

La Vanilla Deodorant – stay fresh the all natural way. The fruity scent is perfect for summer time!

Supergoop | Forever Young Body Butter SPF 40 – This body butter is great for before the pool because it contains SPF 40 , but it’s also great to hydrate after your swim because pool water can be very drying! The texture of this stuff is to die for!

A Wide Tooth Comb – never use a hair brush on wet hair! A wide tooth comb will detangle while being gentle on your hair. 🙂

Sunglasses – keep your eyes protected in style with a pair of cheap shades you won’t worry about losing!

Magazines – I always like a fun, easy read at the pool. Get off of social media for a minute and flip through a new mag or read your favorite book! 😉

Healthy Snacks – I always have a snack that easy to munch on and that I don’t worry about melting or spoiling. This summer trail mix is the perfect pick!

Bikini – Mine shown is from Target! I love the color blocking pattern!



Supergoop! | City Sunscreen Serum SPF 30


 Thanks for stopping by to see my poolside essentials! What are yours? Now go have some fun in the sun! 😉




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