My Grocery Guide!

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Ever wonder what I pick up at the grocery store? Well today I’m going to let you know! I’ve put together a printable grocery list that you can take with to check off all your necessities for a healthy and balanced grocery cart. Below, I’ll also share some example of my favorite foods from each category! Enjoy!

Beauty and Banana’s Grocery Guide – Print it Here!

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Make sure you fill your cart with lots of fruits and veggies. My favorite veggies are lettuce for salads, spinach green smoothies, and zucchini and onions for sauteeing. I also love carrots and cucumbers for dipping in hummus. As far as fruits, I love berries, bananas, watermelon and pineapple (when in season!) Also- gotta have my avocado!

Bread/Baking/Other Carbs

I always have oatmeal in pantry, some type of granola, brown rice, quinoa, rice cakes and usually a loaf of Ezekiel bread.

Dairy/Dairy Alternatives

I eat plain greek yogurt almost everyday and always have unsweetened almond milk on hand. Also, I eat a lot of eggs so I get a carton of whole eggs and also liquid egg whites.


Here is where I’d get protein bars, crackers, trail mix and other snacks to have on the go. As far as drinks, I mainly drink water but I do love my coffee!


My go-to proteins are chicken breast, lean ground turkey, or salmon. Other ones I like are turkey bacon, shrimp, tilapia, lean beef and tofu.

Dry/Canned Foods

I don’t eat many canned vegetables, but they are good to have on hand. I also usually have a few cans of beans for certain recipes.


I usually buy a lot of frozen berries- 1. to have for smoothies, 2. they are cheaper, and 3. I just love frozen fruit in my yogurt and oatmeal! In this isle I also hunt down the ice cream! For healthier ice cream options I love Halo Top.


I always have the basics like ketchup and mustard. I also love spicy food, so I always have sriracha and salsa. As far as sweet condiments, I get sugar free pancake syrup and honey. For spices, I always have sea salt, pepper, cinnamon and Mrs. Dash.

Thanks for stopping! If you found this grocery guide helpful, please share it with your friends and family!
Stay happy and healthy!





  1. July 26, 2016 / 12:39 am

    I love making grocery guides too! This is so helpful!

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