Fall Trends: The Bomber Jacket | How To Wear It + My Top Picks for Every Budget!


Bomber jackets have been everywhere lately! They’ve been a part of fashion for decades, but have recently made a huge come-back. And according to Google, one of the fastest rising fashion trends. The bomber jacket—or MA-1 if we’re being technical—has a long history that spans from the middle of the 20th Century into today. Starting as a jacket that was used for pilots and the military, the jacket has evolved into an outerwear staple that’s seen high fashion upgrades for both men and women today.

Today, I’m going to show you how I style my bomber jacket, as well as give you some other  of my favorite options. The bombers I’ve found come in a variety of styles and colors;  some are cheaper, and some are a higher price tag if that’s what you’re in to. 🙂 Here are top picks!

1. My Bomber Jacket!

My bomber jacket is from American Eagle and it was $69. I think its a good in between price. It’s amazing quality and I love the embroidered print on the black base.

How I Style It:

I honestly throw this jacket on with just about anything. It dresses up a pair of joggers or dresses down a nice lace dress. It’s just so versatile. Here I kept it super casual with denim shorts, a black graphic tee, a choker, and sneakers.


bomber: American Eagle/ shorts: Brandy Melville / choker: Kitsch

2. Forever 21 Embroidered Bomber – $32.90

This one is very similar to mine for half the price! Plus, the white panel on the sleeves adds a cool touch!

Screen Shot 2016-10-19 at 10.43.17 PM.png

3. Brandy Melville Kasey BomberBrandy Melville Kasey Bomber – $45

I love the simple pink style and affordable price tag. You could wear this color with just about anything.

Screen Shot 2016-10-19 at 10.45.58 PM.png

4. Scarlett Clothing – Baby Pink Patched – $98

Again, I love the baby pink color — but this one has super cute patches!

Screen Shot 2016-10-19 at 10.41.40 PM.png


5. Scarlet Clothing – Opening Ceremony Pink Bomber – $525

This one is definitely a splurge, but it is just so pretty! And the quality is amazing. Apparently I have a thing for pink bombers…


6. Milk It Vintage Khaki Bomber Jacket – $84

I love how the boho prints contrast with the army green. Such a unique find!

Screen Shot 2016-10-19 at 10.47.52 PM.png

Those are my top picks for bombers! Do you like the bomber trend? Which was your favorite? Let me know!

Stay happy and healthy.




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