Now that we’re in the heart of summer , you’re probably enjoying your days by the pool. Heres’ some of my essentials that will be sure to keep you protected, fueled, and in style from head to toe 😉

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Notepad: Band.do | Rings: BelleandBlush.com

Hey guys! Summer is flying by (sorry but it’s true) and back to school is right around the corner. I’ll be going off to college, and I’m trying to scour through Pinterest for tips and tricks as much as the next college freshman. I’ve put together a list of things you’ll need as well as some helpful print-outs from around the web that I’ll be using to help me! Since my blog contains a little bit of my whole life, I’m excited to keep you guys updated on my move and how my finished dorm room looks! I’ll give you a hint though… My main colors are baby pink, white, gold, and black. And there’s a pop of turquoise. So.. Back to the important stuff! Organization and tips!

Helpful Print- Outs & Guides

Weekly Schedule – organize your weekly classes, workouts, practices and social life with this helpful schedule. I use planners, but this can be great to keep on your desk for easy sight!

7 Insider Tips To Rock Your Freshman Year

Apps For College Students – let the technology in your hands help keep you organized!

Here’s a great check list that you can print out to take shopping!


Make Your Dorm Cute With These Essentials

Dormify – The cutest online store for dorm bedding and decor! I splurged on a few cute pillows from here, as well as saved on some at stores like Home Goods, TJ Maxx and Stein Mart!

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Shop the Cutest Planners at Belle and Blush! This year I choose one from Band.o! I also love Day Designer, Kate Spade, and Rifle Paper. All these go through 2017- so perfect for the school year. 👌

Desk Accesories & School Supplies- here’s some cute ideas!

More Must-Haves!

Coffee Maker and cute coffee mugs!- a morning must-have!

I hope you all found this helpful- whether you’re starting your freshman year of college or not! Let me know what some of  your school/study tips are!




Hey guys! If you follow me on Instagram (which you should 😜) you would know I was out of town! I had a golf tournament about two hours away, which usually I would travel with my parents but they where both not able to take me, so Hayden took over! lol thanks 😘

If often get asked how I stay on track with my healthy lifestyle while traveling and I thought this was the perfect opportunity to write about it! First, if anyone was curious, I did pretty well in my tournament. I shot 73 the first day, which was a very exciting round including back-to-back birdies and chip-ins from tough lies. The second day I struggled to get things going, shooting 80, tying for second and losing the playoff to place third. I was very disappointed, but over all walked away happy with the effort I made. 😌

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With starting fresh with my new blog, I wanted to start talking more about real life topics that we can all relate to. I talk about health and beauty all the time, and I think one of the biggest keys to both of those is mental health and self love.

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Like many girls, I have struggled with body image and self image in the past, and it led to years of disorder eating and unhealthy habits. I was never satisfied with what I saw in the mirror whether I thought I looked to fat or too skinny. I searched and searched for the “perfect” diet. I became obsessed with trying to be as healthy as possible and strived for a “model body.”

I thought that being thinner would make me happy, but even at my lowest weight (a mere 90 pounds) I was not all happy. Everyday was a battle against food and against my own mind. I didn’t see the skeleton everyone else saw. I was just caught up in calories and numbers. I was always comparing everything I did or ate to all the people I followed on social media. It was exhausting.

I didn’t understand why my relationships with people in my life were suffering, why my golf game was getting worse, or why I always in a bad mood. I was so blinded by the disordered thoughts that I couldn’t see I had a problem.

As time went on, I realized I needed to change. I began educating myself on health, and started getting into weight lifting. I switched my workout mentality from “burning calories” to “getting stronger”. I began to see food as fuel and not something to be feared. I began to use fitness to enhance my life, not make my life revolve around fitness. I gained back excitement for the things I’m passionate about and a new passion for true health.

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I began to focus on what made me happy. I began to focus on what made me feel healthy and not just copy what I saw some fitness girl on Instagram post. I stopped trying to be perfect and started to just be me again. I started eating to fuel my body, and slowly over coming foods that “scared” me. I not only gained pounds, but I gained smiles, laughs, and peace.

Mental health is just as important as physical health. Healthy is taking care of  yourself mind, body, and soul. If being healthy is stressing you out, you’re doing it wrong. Focus on your happiness first, and the rest will begin to fall into place.

Stay happy & healthy.