Bomber jackets have been everywhere lately! They’ve been a part of fashion for decades, but have recently made a huge come-back. And according to Google, one of the fastest rising fashion trends. The bomber jacket—or MA-1 if we’re being technical—has a long history that spans from the middle of the 20th Century into today. Starting as a jacket that was used for pilots and the military, the jacket has evolved into an outerwear staple that’s seen high fashion upgrades for both men and women today.

Today, I’m going to show you how I style my bomber jacket, as well as give you some other  of my favorite options. The bombers I’ve found come in a variety of styles and colors;  some are cheaper, and some are a higher price tag if that’s what you’re in to. 🙂 Here are top picks!

1. My Bomber Jacket!

My bomber jacket is from American Eagle and it was $69. I think its a good in between price. It’s amazing quality and I love the embroidered print on the black base.

How I Style It:

I honestly throw this jacket on with just about anything. It dresses up a pair of joggers or dresses down a nice lace dress. It’s just so versatile. Here I kept it super casual with denim shorts, a black graphic tee, a choker, and sneakers.


bomber: American Eagle/ shorts: Brandy Melville / choker: Kitsch

2. Forever 21 Embroidered Bomber – $32.90

This one is very similar to mine for half the price! Plus, the white panel on the sleeves adds a cool touch!

Screen Shot 2016-10-19 at 10.43.17 PM.png

3. Brandy Melville Kasey BomberBrandy Melville Kasey Bomber – $45

I love the simple pink style and affordable price tag. You could wear this color with just about anything.

Screen Shot 2016-10-19 at 10.45.58 PM.png

4. Scarlett Clothing – Baby Pink Patched – $98

Again, I love the baby pink color — but this one has super cute patches!

Screen Shot 2016-10-19 at 10.41.40 PM.png


5. Scarlet Clothing – Opening Ceremony Pink Bomber – $525

This one is definitely a splurge, but it is just so pretty! And the quality is amazing. Apparently I have a thing for pink bombers…


6. Milk It Vintage Khaki Bomber Jacket – $84

I love how the boho prints contrast with the army green. Such a unique find!

Screen Shot 2016-10-19 at 10.47.52 PM.png

Those are my top picks for bombers! Do you like the bomber trend? Which was your favorite? Let me know!

Stay happy and healthy.




A Brief History of the Bomber Jacket:

Think with Google: 2016 Fashion Trends:


Fall is the perfect time to break out the bold, dark lips- but most days you probably want a color you can wear to school or work and still feel appropriate. Today I picked out some of my favorite shades that are tame, but still give you that fall feel. I chose a range of warm and cool nudes and berries, so you’re to find one just for you! Here are 5 lipsticks (and 1 gloss for them all!) that’ll spice up your everyday look this season.

1. Maybelline  Touch Of Spice”  – this color is perfect if you like a mix of pink and brown. I grab this color all the time! It reminds me of the classic “Kylie Jenner” lip color. It goes with almost any outfit and looks good on every body! My best friend Kathryn wears it, who has lighter skin, green eyes, and light blonde/brown hair. My grandmother wears it, and has warm tan skin, dark brown eyes, and caramel hair. It just works on everyone!

2. NYX “Butter” Matte Lipstick  – the perfect “grey nude.” If you want to try the grey trend, but don’t want to go full on grey lips- choose a “Greige”: a beige nude with a hint of grey.

3. Maybelline “Nude Nuance” – This is probably my current favorite. It’s a deep browny- nude shade, something I used to never gravitate toward. Now I love the fact that is still a neutral without going super pale nude. It enhances my natural lip color, and can look glam, edgy, or casual depending on what look you pair it with. Like “Touch of Spice”, it looks good on a lot of skin tones. But, within this line, there are several shades in the same color family– so look for one that you think will suit you the best!

4. Maybelline “Party Pink” – If you like a brighter berry with a pink tint, you’ll love this shade! It’s bright enough to add a pop of color, but deep enough to still look like a fall shade. I love wearing this color on days I don’t want to wear a lot of makeup, but still want to look put together.

5. Soap & Glory “Super Nude” Matte Lipstick – this is the perfect warm pinky nude for a fall smokey eye. This is my first Soap & Glory lipstick, and I definitely want to try more. The matte formula is creamy and not dry at all. Plus it smells like vanilla, never a bad thing!

6. Rimmel “Captivate Me” Stay Glossy Gloss this sheer shimmery berry gloss will go on top of any of the lipsticks I mentioned. It will enhance the darker colors, and add just a hint of berry to the nudes. I love this line of gloss because it lasts well and isn’t sticky.

Thanks for stopping by! Let me know if you try out any of these lip colors!





Hey beauties! Sorry it’s been so long! This past month I started college… starting with  move in day, freshman orientation week, an awesome orientation trip,  ending the first few week of classes, and now turning 19! Meanwhile, I had been practicing hours every day for a huge dance competition — Shirttails — that my college has for the freshman dorms every year. (sadly my dorm did not win.. but it was still so fun!) It’s been a lot. But amazing.

I wanted to write a quick post on what I’ve learned so far and also a quick update–  hopefully any other freshman can relate! Even though it’s barely been a month, and classes have not gotten over whelming YET – it’s still quite an adjustment from living at home.

That first week you’re just trying to take it all in and see this whole new world around you. My school has an entire week of orientation prior to upperclassman move-in day and the first week of classes. I literally had a meeting or activity every hour of the day. It seems like it would be a bit much… but they really force you to get to know the campus and your fellow class mates– which is good! I’m used to being an only child, so living in a dorm with tons of other girls is quite different. But I love it! I love my room mate, and we’ve made the most of making our tiny dorm feel like home.

Once classes start, reality hits you that it’s not summer anymore… all the free time you had is sadly no longer there. But the bright side is– college is so different than high school. Even though you’re crazy busy, you some how feel like you have time to do what ever you want. You have so much more control over the classes you take, and you can really study what you’re passionate about. My school, in particular, is a liberal arts college which encourages you to take classes in a variety of learning domains. For example– my major is Business Econ but I’m taking Spanish, Psych, and World Religions. They may not exactly go with my major, but they’ll make me a more well rounded, knowledgable person.

One of the biggest things I’ve experienced in college is dealing with stress. And no, I’m not more stressed– I’m less stressed. I know, I’m surprised too. Being the perfectionist that I am, I tend to overwhelm my self and therefore deal with feelings of stress and anxiety. I was worried that since I wouldn’t have time to really film YouTube videos and keep up with my blog, I would feel like I failed. Or that I needed to keep up. But, I actually don’t feel like that. I know that I am in college and my main focus should be that– college. Studying hard and having fun. I’m still here,  I’m still “Beauty and Bananas”, and I’m still going to be posting. It just may be a little less frequent. And thats okay.  I thought of what I would tell a friend that was stressed out or trying to live up to her high expectations. “Just let it go. Take life a day at a time. Don’t worry about being perfect.”


Going along with “not trying to be perfect”, I’ve learned to just be as healthy as I can without being obsessive. Living a healthy lifestyle should not be stressful. Most college cafeterias have so many options now, that you eat fairly healthy. And indulge when you want to. I haven’t been working out quite as much as I did at home, but I’m staying very active with all the walking and golf practice.

I hope this post can be of some comfort to any freshman in college, or anyone in a “transition” period in their life. I’ll be back soon with some more beauty/health posts, but let me know what else you would like to see!

Stay happy and healthy.



Hey guys! Today I have a quick little style post for you. I teamed up with Scarlet Clothing to bring you a fun look that’s perfect for going out with friends or a fun date. I wanted to make this statement leather skirt more casual by using a relaxed top and sneakers. All items shown are from Scarlet Clothing. If you see a piece you want that is not online, you can text to order at (501) 503-8777. P.s.- this skirt is only $48! View Post

Pinky & Glowy-2.pngcanva

Today’s makeup tutorial is the perfect look to transition from summer to the school year. It’s light weight and glowy and will last through the humid, hot weather. I used lots of pretty pink and rose tones to give this look a feminine feel. You’ll look put together without looking like you tried too hard. Watch the video to see how to get the look!

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